REWRD Points can convert to free purchases from any participating seller ... maybe even your accountant ... or trade points up to cash.

Use Across Merchants

Welcome to a new era of loyalty rewards based on ethical protection of customer data. 

Forget having dozens of loyalty cards!

Expect more gifts or cash more often!

Know that your data is Protected!

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The Why - for Consumers

  • REWRD can be used across multiple participating vendors.
  • REWRD is constantly adding vendors so that you can accumulate points quickly.
  • REWRD means you don’t have to give your data to loyalty programs whose sole purpose is to track your purchase profile and send you exploitive ads.
  • REWRD is consumer based so no vendor can change your points value or expiry.
  • REWRD Points have no time limits.
  • REWRD only enters into contracts with vendors who promise to never exploit your data by using it for marketing or selling it to third parties without your permission (or benefit).
  • REWRD is a phone app … that means that you can throw away the dozens of cards that will probably never give you a usable benefit.
  • REWRD Points exchange for REWRD Tokens which can be used to trade up to cash.


The Why - for Business

  • REWRD is suitable as a customer benefit issued by  retailers, online sellers, and professionals from tradesmen to lawyers.
  • REWRD statistics show that 61% of your customers want benefits from shopping with you. 
  • REWRD video below quickly shows why businesses need  loyalty benefits.
  • REWRD helps with the bottom line.  Stop carrying the debt of Loyalty Points on your balance sheet … and betraying trust by reducing the value or time frame.
  • REWRD is for vendors who understand that your customers don’t want to receive constant advertising from you.
  • REWRD puts a stop to cynical captive markets – telling customers they are only valuable if they use their loyalty points to spend more.
  • REWRD makes you stand out as an ethical business that does not exploit customer data for selling.


We Are Committed to helping consumers receive tangible benefits of real value to them.

spend it where your custom is appreciated

If you are a business or a retailer who thinks that loyalty point programs are a marketing device … a way of exploiting your customers to track their data and force them to come back to you, you are out of touch with current customer needs … and REWRD is not for you.  REWRD is a gift of appreciation for customers and clients doing business with you.   A new way of creating Trust and Confidence in your business – meeting 21st Century consumer needs and attitudes.

How it all works

With decades of proven experience, our team helps Businesses and Customers Go beyond Old Fragmented systems into a new world of points having real value as a gift from the seller to the buyer. REWRD is a 21st Century Ecosystem.

our customers

Our customers are smart and savvy. They know that, in the past, points were a waste of time. They seemed good but had no real value unless you wanted to spend more money with the issuer. REWRD Points answers what you've been demanding. Trust and a Fair Deal.

Leadership Team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of ethics and data protection so that customers can shop with REWRD Sellers knowing that their data is safe and that they will not be bombarded with emails or texts from the Sellers.

our Customers and our sellers trust us


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

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